What is a Maker Faire?
Called the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth, Maker Faires are part science fair and part county fair. Showcasing invention, creativity and resourcefulness, makers — tech enthusiasts, crafters, artists, educators, tinkerers, students and others — exhibit their work and share their knowledge and skills. Visitors to Maker Faire Milwaukee (MFMKE, for short) will find something different around every corner — makers, performers, presentations, workshops and much more.

Information contained in the tabs above will tell you about exhibiting, visiting and volunteering. Of course, there is information about sponsoring MFMKE, too. Thanks to sponsors, Maker Faire Milwaukee is a FREE admission event.

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Maker Faire Milwaukee was the largest Featured Faire in the country in 2014 (our inaugural year!), behind only the Flagship Faire in San Mateo, California and World Maker Faire New York in terms of attendance. To stay on top we need you!

Check out the videos from Maker Faire Milwaukee 2014, and help us make 2015 bigger and better.

The Call for Makers opens May 25, 2015!

Call for Makers

Not sure your project is a fit? Apply anyway! We will be in touch to discuss your interest and exhibit needs.

It’s Back. It’s Bigger. It’s not brain surgery.
Saturday, September 26, noon to 4 p.m.

On the day of the event, teams will receive instructions, a work space and tools, access to a hack rack of raw materials and time to create. Then, it’s off to the Challenge course to determine the winning team.

The GE Design & Build Challenge Registration opens May 25, 2015!

As the event approaches, we will be introducing makers and sharing information about what you will see at Maker Faire Milwaukee right here. Join the mailing list or check back often for news about MFMKE. We hope to see you there!

Tesla Coils
Pumpkin Trebuchet
FIDO the Robotic Dog
Milwaukee Makerspace
Zombie Maker
Race Car
Knitting and Crocheting
Learn to Solder
Vacuum Formed Masks
Power Wheels Racing
GE Design and Build Challenge

    Steve Hay's Ornithopter


    Steve Hay will return to Make Faire Milwaukee this year with his Ornithopter. If you missed it last year, here's a description from Steve:

    The Ornithopter has a 1927 gasoline-powered stover hit and miss engine which propels it forward and flaps the wings up and down. It's constructed of tree branches, clothing and a steel supporting structure for the wings.

    Steve has shown the Ornithopter at the Experimental Aircraft Association convention in the past, and we're pleased to have his contraption at Maker Faire.


    If you're still not totally sure what an Ornithopter is, there's plenty more to learn over at Wikipedia.



    Chicago Brings the Noise!

    PS:1 Noisemaker
    You don't have to be from Milwaukee to take part in Maker Faire Milwaukee. We're excited to welcome back our friends from Pumping Station: One in Chicago who will be offering to help you build your own "PS: One Noisemaker", which is an optical theremin. What's a theremin you might ask? It's a musical instrument controlled without physical contact. Typically you wave your hands in the air to create sounds. The "optical" theremin uses a light sensor to detect how much light is hitting it and creates a buzzing sound proportionally related to that. If you don't understand electronics much, that's ok, Jenny from PS:1 will explain it all and help your build your very own noisemaking theremin. (Already understand all the technical stuff? There's a github page for the noisemaker.)


    Return of the Power Racing Series

    We’re hosting another Power Racing Series exhibition event at Maker Faire Milwaukee this year! What is Power Racing, you ask? Simply, teams build and race an electric car, with a $500 spending limit. You can start with any kids’ electric ride-on vehicle. Then, take in some YouTube how-to videos, grab friends to form a team, find some tools and a helmet, and get to work. The races are a blast, and how you decorate your car counts for some serious points, too. Glitter, feathers, lights, anything goes. Visit powerracingseries.org for more information and guidelines.


    Control a Spaceship with Artemis

    Artemis Bridge Simulator

    “Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator is ridiculously good fun.” -- Wired Magazine

    ‘Nuf said. There will be an Artemis Bridge at Maker Faire Milwaukee. Artemis, a multiplayer, multicomputer networked game, invites gamers to assume roles as spaceship officers in charge of the helm, communications, engineering, and weapons (of course), and their Captain, who tells everyone what to do, like “Set phasers to stun.”

    Stay tuned for details.



    New this year, Swap-O-Rama-Rama — that’s right, two Ramas in the name! This clothing swap and DIY workshop series explores creative reuse through recycling used clothing. Bring at least one bag of clean, used clothing to add to the collection and then dive in to find items to work with at all kinds of stations – sewing machines, hand sewing, bedazzling, beading, bleach pen and sharpie decorating, silk screening, knitting, repair, appliqués and more. We’ll have skilled volunteers on hand to help get you started and talk about how to take measurements, working with patterns and other upcycling tricks and tips. This is gonna be fun.


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