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What You Need to Know!

  • Maker Faire Milwaukee will take place on Saturday, September 24th, and Sunday, September 25th.
  • Maker Faire Milwaukee is happening at Wisconsin State Fair Park, at the Wisconsin Expo Center Hall A and Hall B. (The best address for your GPS is: 8200 W Greenfield, West Allis, WI 53214.)
  • Maker Faire Milwaukee is a FREE event! (There will be some activities that have costs associated with them, but entrance is free.)
  • The Call for Makers is open now! (It’s free to exhibit if you are a non-commercial maker!)

What is a Maker Faire?
Called the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth, Maker Faires are part science fair and part county fair. Showcasing invention, creativity and resourcefulness, makers — tech enthusiasts, crafters, artists, educators, tinkerers, students and others — exhibit their work and share their knowledge and skills. Visitors to Maker Faire Milwaukee (MFMKE, for short) will find something different around every corner — makers, performers, presentations, workshops and much more.

Information contained in the tabs above will tell you about exhibiting, visiting and volunteering. Of course, there is information about sponsoring MFMKE, too. Thanks to sponsors, Maker Faire Milwaukee is a FREE admission event.

Read more about Maker Faire Milwaukee…

Maker Faire Milwaukee was the largest Featured Faire in the country in 2014 (our inaugural year!), behind only the Flagship Faire in San Mateo, California and World Maker Faire New York in terms of attendance. To stay on top we need you!

The Latest from the Blog

    The GE Design & Build Challenge is Back!

    The 2015 Winning Team

    The GE Design & Build Challenge is coming back to Maker Faire Milwaukee again in 2016 for its 3rd iteration. Sponsored by GE Healthcare, last year’s Challenge gave teams of four Makers three hours to build a machine to deliver a ‘brain’ for transplant through the Maker Faire Hospital. With no prior knowledge of what the challenge would be, and using only materials available from a well-supplied Hack Rack, teams designed, assembled, and tested their transporters in front of the Maker Faire crowd and raced through the course.

    The Brain

    The technical centerpiece of last year’s challenge was the ‘Brain’ which was designed and built by a team of Engineers and Industrial Designers at GE Healthcare. The Brain itself was 3D printed using ABS plastic, and it was suspended in an acrylic jar. Embedded inside the Brain was a NI myRIO FPGA controller from National Instruments, which read data from a 3-axis accelerometer and transmitted it back to 3 desktop computers through WiFi. Those computers could then display the data in real time, so the crowd could see the bumps and drops as the teams moved through the course.

    Brain and FPGA

    The Brain was also fitted with NeoPixel color-changing LEDs to give a visual indication of its life. Rainbow colors were displayed when it was healthy, the lights turned to red when it was getting damaged, and finally turned off when the health dropped to zero. It gave the judges quantifiable measures of how well each team performed, and also let the audience know how well the teams were doing.

    GE Team

    Technology will be a factor in this year’s challenge as well. Make sure to stop by the Design & Build Challenge on Sept 24 to see what the teams will be challenged with this year, and if you think you're up to the Challenge, apply as a team!

    GE Design & Build Challenge - Participate


    Not Finished? Not a Problem!


    Our Call for Makers is open until August 1st, 2016, which gives you about three weeks to apply. But what if your project isn't done yet? That's okay, and I'll explain why...

    Making is a process, a journey, if you will, and along that journey you learn things. Maybe you learn a new skill, or you learn why you should have used screws instead of nails, or why hot glue wasn't the best choice. All of these little details of a project create an experience, and the experience is something you can share at Maker Faire.

    Maybe you've been working on a project for years, and it's still not done. Showing it to people, and talking through it may give you new ideas, or the boost of energy you need to complete the project. (Maybe you'll complete it by next year and bring it back as a finished project!)

    Above all, what we're looking for is people who will come to Maker Faire and share. Share their projects (finished or not) but also share their knowledge, what they learned along the way. Just showing what you've got so far can be inspiring to someone who hasn't even started a project yet.

    Don't wait! Apply to the Call for Makers today!


    From Maker Faire to a Film

    Jake and his armor

    You may remember Jake Bissen from last year's Maker Faire Milwaukee. He had the suit of armor he made as a member of Milwaukee Makerspace, and we ended the weekend with him in the armor battling the large Tesla coil. (You remember the post, right?)

    Jake is a film student at UWM and his senior project is a film titled "Rook" that he'll be producing. Besides the suit of armor, Jake has been busy building a camera crane, camera dolly, and other equipment needed for his film. He also plans to use the Kuka industrial robot arm at Milwaukee Makerspace as a camera control system to film himself battling the large Tesla coil again, a practical effect never before seen in a film.

    Jake's idea came about due to something crazy he tried at Maker Faire, and he wants to make it a reality, but he needs some help. If you want to see him succeed, consider supporting his Indiegogo campaign to help fund the film. You can also check out the Facebook page for the film.


    Makey welcomes the Week of Making!

    Makey - Week of Making

    Look who showed up at Betty Brinn Children's Museum this week! It's our old pal Makey. He wanted to let everyone know that the National Week of Making is coming up, and remind you that Maker Faire Milwaukee takes place September 24 & 25, 2016 at Wisconsin State Fair Park.

    Makey - Week of Making

    If you make something awesome this weekend share it online and use the hashtags #WeekOfMaking and #NationOfMakers so others can be inspired by your creativity.


    The National Week of Making is here!

    The National Week of Making

    The 2016 National Week of Making kicks off this Friday, June 17th and runs through Thursday, June 23rd. Join us in celebrating makers of all kinds and making of all kinds.

    At Betty Brinn Children's Museum our Be A Maker space will be featuring their Urban Gardening and Animation Experiments during the Week of Making.

    Our friends (and co-hosts of Maker Faire Milwaukee) at Milwaukee Makerspace will be opening their doors for their weekly meeting on Tuesday, June 21st at 7pm. Drop in and find out more about the space and the makers who use it.

    And finally, our own Carrie Wettstein and Pete Prodoehl will be headed to the National Maker Faire happening in Washington D.C. this coming weekend. Carrie will attend the President’s National Week of Making kick-off event at the White House on Friday and Pete will be speaking on a panel at the National Maker Faire. The gathering will unite select individuals from around the country who are leading efforts to empower, support and inspire makers.

    What will you be doing for the National Week of Making?


There are only days until Maker Faire Milwaukee!