What is a Maker Faire?
Called the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth, Maker Faires are part science fair and part county fair. Showcasing invention, creativity and resourcefulness, makers — tech enthusiasts, crafters, artists, educators, tinkerers, students and others — exhibit their work and share their knowledge and skills. Visitors to Maker Faire Milwaukee (MFMKE, for short) will find something different around every corner — makers, performers, presentations, workshops and much more.

Information contained in the tabs above will tell you about exhibiting, visiting and volunteering. Of course, there is information about sponsoring MFMKE, too. Thanks to sponsors, Maker Faire Milwaukee is a FREE admission event.

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Maker Faire Milwaukee was the largest Featured Faire in the country in 2014 (our inaugural year!), behind only the Flagship Faire in San Mateo, California and World Maker Faire New York in terms of attendance. To stay on top we need you!

Check out the videos from Maker Faire Milwaukee 2014, and help us make 2015 bigger and better.

The Call for Makers opens May 25, 2015!

Call for Makers

Not sure your project is a fit? Apply anyway! We will be in touch to discuss your interest and exhibit needs.

It’s Back. It’s Bigger. It’s not brain surgery.
Saturday, September 26, noon to 4 p.m.

On the day of the event, teams will receive instructions, a work space and tools, access to a hack rack of raw materials and time to create. Then, it’s off to the Challenge course to determine the winning team.

The GE Design & Build Challenge Registration opens May 25, 2015!

As the event approaches, we will be introducing makers and sharing information about what you will see at Maker Faire Milwaukee right here. Join the mailing list or check back often for news about MFMKE. We hope to see you there!

Tesla Coils
Pumpkin Trebuchet
FIDO the Robotic Dog
Milwaukee Makerspace
Zombie Maker
Race Car
Knitting and Crocheting
Learn to Solder
Vacuum Formed Masks
Power Wheels Racing
GE Design and Build Challenge

    2014 Event Map and Schedule

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    What will you see - The Useless Machine


    Source: Makershed

    There is a recent race to the top (or er...uh...bottom) to build the most useless machine possible. One of the functions these machines serve is to turn themselves off when they are turned on. The others are to learn and have fun!

    These machines are continuously getting more complex - there are builds with dueling arms and machines that actually move. You can find our humble machine at the Betty Brinn Museum booth!


    What will you see - e-NABLE 3D Printed Hands


    Frankie Flood

    What originally started out as a couple of guys who created a 3D printed hand to help one child in need has grown into a global Community of tinkerers, engineers, 3D print enthusiasts, occupational therapists, university professors, designers, parents, families, artists, students, teachers and people who just want to make a difference, who are creating hands for people in need and sharing their designs with the world for free.

    They are coming together to create, innovate, re-design and give a “helping hand” to those that need it – whether it is helping to print parts for them, creating a completed device for them or simply helping to guide them as they build one themselves.


    What will you see – World's Smallest Jet Powered Monster Truck

    It thunders like a jet fighter. It erupts clouds thick, white smoke. It’s the World's Smallest Jet Powered Monster Truck called MICRO MONSTER, one of the newest and most extreme inventions around.

    Owner / Driver / Designer Dieter Sturm Jet Tech / Designer Jeff Seymour

    The MICRO MONSTER features an Advance Turbine Design gas turbine jet engine. At just 60 pounds, it’s a lightweight, but this little engine is a true powerhouse! The ATDI GS - 100 Turbojet engine is only one of 6 ever built, three of them had gone to NASA to test Hypersonic flight models. It idles at 40,000 RPM and tops out at 80,000 RPM. It’s backed by 100 pounds of thrust with a boost to 160 lbs of thrust when the afterburner is ignited! The ATDI GS - 100 has been customized for use in the MICRO MONSTER, then specially mounted to the frame.

    The jet engine stand can electrically pivot from a horizontal position of output to a complete vertical position. The smoke system, modeled after those used by aerobatic aircraft was installed add to the drama and impact of this mini monster!


    Engine: ATDI GS - 100 Turbojet
    Engine Weight: 60 Pounds
    Turbine Type: Single Stage Axial Flow
    Fuel: Jet A
    RPM: 40,000 idle, 80,000 maximum
    Exhaust Gas Temperature: 1250 F
    Thrust: 160 Pounds
    Maximum Speed: Unknown
    7" Max-Torque Converter
    6 HP APU
    Disc Brakes
    Electric Reverse
    Total Fueled Vehicle Weight 700 lbs.